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Amazon FBA Sellers!

​Why choose Eu   essentials?


All seller central data of Europe on ONE screen

Automate or manually update all your Amazon UK, DE, FR, IT &ES prices from one unique dashboard. 


Always Sell at a Profit

With the ever-increasing rise of EFN fees, you can rest assured that you will always sell at a profit across Europe!


More than a Repricer

See all important metrics such as Sales, Profit, Orders, EFN fees and Units sold for all EU marketplaces combined. One unified account.


EUessentials repricing dashboard brings all five Amazon EU marketplaces together on one unique screen. Unlike the Amazon seller central setup. You will see useful data such as your price, lowest FBA price, your selling position, competitor insight, best seller rank, product costs and your minimum &maximum prices. 

You can update your Amazon prices manually or automatically, and start competing against the lowest FBA sellers across all five marketplaces in minutes.

Competitor insight  

​​ Competitor insight provides you with   information   regarding  

the top 20 sellers . For each listing you will see,

  • Your position/rank against your competitors
  • Who currently owns the buy box
  • Total selling price (includes shipping)
  • If they are FBA or FBM sellers
  • Your Min &Max prices

Min/max Calculator

Know your actual minimum price with the Min/Max calculator. Simply enter in the lowest profit margin that you will accept for any product. We then   take your cost and all Amazon fees associated with that product (including EFN &VAT fees for VAT registered sellers &Non-VAT registered sellers) and use this data to calculate the best minimum price for you so you can be   sure to always sell at a profit.

Set up your min/max values for all your inactive products and be ready to start competing when they go live.

Bulk Action

Use bulk action to apply changes to all listings simultaneously. 

Set min/max prices, change rules and turn repricing on/off by bulk.


European Sales Tabs

When you sign in, you will instantly see how your Amazon EU business is performing, with a breakdown of sales, estimated profit, ROI, orders and units sold for all EU marketplaces.

Click on each tab for a more detailed view of all fees, costs and units sold per marketplace.


​Orders Page

With more detail than Amazon provides for each order, we provide you with your cost, unit price, FBA fees (includes EFN fees) profit and ROI for every product sold.

Furthermore, you are able to download all your order details and total up all your fees, costs &profit. A great way to know your numbers.

European best sellers

Now you can easily identify your best selling products across Europe over any given time period. For each marketplace, you see metrics such as units sold, total sales value and average selling price.

Additionally, you can source more of your hot products straight from your dashboard by clicking on the eBay and Idealo buttons.


All these features are built in and ready to go making it super easy to get started.

Match Lowest FBA Seller

Share the buy box and profits by matching

the lowest FBA seller across all EU marketplaces. 

Beat Lowest FBA Seller

Compete for the buy box by pricing below the lowest FBA seller by 0.01p.

Raise price to maximise profit

Earn more profit by automatically raising your prices when competition allows.

Compete against FBA &FBM sellers

Compete against any type of seller that owns the buy box.

Manual pricing

Manual pricing gives you the flexibility to update any price on any marketplace from one screen.

Increase your European Sales on autopilot!


Sophie Dearden

Amazon seller in the UK

Since starting using EU essentials only a few months ago our business has grown exponentially.

Not only does it allow us to focus on buying, safe in the knowledge that EU essentials is working for us to get the best possible ROI on our stock, but the customer service we receive from Stevie is second to none! 

Would highly recommend as an excellent, valuable and necessary resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their Online business.

Brian  Savag e

Amazon seller in the UK

I have been selling on Amazon for a couple of years now and this is exactly what I have been waiting for.

Being able to manage all of my products on one dashboard has saved me so much time. Although, the best part for me is seeing all my sales figures when I log in.

I can clearly see how my business is doing at a glance!

Debbie Goodlip

Amazon seller in the UK

EUessentails makes my Amazon business so much easier!

I particularly like the fact I can pop in my cost and see the profit and since using this it’s saved me a lot of time on spreadsheets.

The best thing for me overall is the simplicity of it.

Time is the biggest thing this saves me, already an essential tool for my Amazon business.

Tadie Hampshire-Haig,  Amazon seller in the UK

Thoroughly recommend EUessentials to all - whether you are a new or experienced Amazon seller, this software allows you to automate your inventory pricing through their repricer, track your sales across the EU marketplaces and gives you real-time profits made.

This is a key piece of software I use daily to help me keep track of my business. Stevie offers great customer service, very prompt and professional in answering your questions and the price point is extremely competitive. If you haven’t got EUessentials, you certainly need it to help scale your business.

Mandie Austin  

Amazon seller in the UK

An excellent piece of software for checking sales from all EU countries showing the REAL profits. It has a convenient and easy to read dashboard with a powerful re-pricer that is full of features. The customer service is second to none with all my queries being answered promptly and efficiently. Not a bad word to say!

Alan Fecamp

Amazon seller in the UK

I signed up to EU essentials at the start of 2019, and it's been a game changer for me. I've used various Repricing tools in the past and have had a mixed experience, generally clunky to use and overcomplicated. EU essentials have sped up and simplified the entire pricing process and it' no longer the arduous task that it used to be. Combine that with first-class support, and I'd encourage any Amazon seller serious about their business to give it a try.

Nick Bayley

 Amazon seller in the UK

Using EUessentials has changed the way I operate my Amazon business. Before it took valuable time to go through each marketplace to see how my stock was selling and then had to go to another report to find sales. You had to do this for each marketplace.
Now it takes a few minutes and all in one easy to read dashboard. It’s even viewable on my smartphone.
Since the latest upgrade, there is even more information right at your fingertips. The new repricing is fantastic, and you can also now see how near you are to the buy box. All on one screen, brilliant.

Jonathan knight

 Amazon seller in the UK

I haven't been selling on Amazon long, but since using EUessentials as my repricer I have managed to grow my business a lot faster.

Having all the important information on one page allows me to quickly see where I need to adjust my price to ensure I am competitive while always knowing I will still make a profit.

Once the cost price is entered EUessentials does all the hard work. Currency conversion, Amazon Fees, Prep Fees and VAT if applicable and a lot more.

My EU sales have almost tripled since I started using it. I couldn't recommend it enough and the customer service is excellent. Any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally.

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    Manage 500 products (SKU)
  • All EU marketplaces
  • Bulk ROI setting  
  • Continuous repricing
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  • Price up &down


  • Can I upgrade my package?
  • Yes! When you sign up today, you will be able to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you like.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
  • Yes, you can cancel anytime you wish. You do not even have to contact us.
  • Are all future updates included in subscription?
  • Yes. We are always adding new features to the software at no extra cost to you. We listen to all feedback and use this to help build and improve the software.
  • Does this work on
  • No, EUessentials is made only for Amazon European sellers.
  • Are Repricers just a race to the bottom?
  • Not with EUessentials as we also raise your prices to help you sell at the best price possible.
  • Does this work for FBM sellers?
  • No, We have designed this specifically for FBA sellers only.

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